My Wandering Mind!

Cloaked inside this nondescript, ordinary woman, is the heart of a lion! In my mind, I roar! Oh the adventures that take place within this cranial cage! If you could read my mind, on any given day, you stand the chance of being entertained, shocked, puzzled, amused, and on a good day...possibly impressed! If I… Continue reading My Wandering Mind!


Never have I ever…

I'm getting to that age, that makes me reflect on my life, and ponder the meaning of all this. I've been somewhat fortunate, in that I've been able to fulfill a few things on my bucket list, but I still have a lot to do! I definitely want to travel more! I made my first… Continue reading Never have I ever…

Getting There is Half the Fun

Why do they say "Getting there is half the fun"? Not on every trip! I'm finally at a good place in my life - I'm happier than I have ever been, and more content, but it was not easy getting here! I've struggled with depression, self doubt, insecurities, and the residual effects of a pretty… Continue reading Getting There is Half the Fun

No Comparison

Do you know what will snuff out your happiness faster than anything? Comparisons. Comparing your life, your family, your car, your home, your clothes, or your body, to your neighbor's. I have been just as guilty as anyone, but I usually didn't have the money to compete, so I would be that much more miserable,… Continue reading No Comparison

So you want to write a blog?

What were you thinking? You know nothing about writing, creating a website, or half of what these acronyms mean! Thank goodness for the internet! You can Google Anything these days! It's really scary putting yourself out there in the world wide Web, for anyone to scrutinize. My first post, wasn't my best writing, but I… Continue reading So you want to write a blog?

My Ireland!

I can't describe the way I felt the first time I visited Ireland. For me, it was like coming home. I knew that I had some Irish heritage, but until I took a DNA test, I didn't realize just how much, and it explains the inexplicable draw to Ireland that I had, before finally booking… Continue reading My Ireland!