Back On Track

I have my thumb out, and I'm hitching a ride back to where I need to be! I've been out of sync for a while now, due to some family issues that I needed to focus on, and to tell you the truth...I just wasn't feeling it. I know it's usually therapeutic to write about… Continue reading Back On Track


Find Your Peace, and Everything Will Fall Into Place

Finding Peace can be a challenge for some people. Negative Nancys are all around us, and they can sure bring you down, if you let them! I refuse to let them! Think positive, and you'll live a positive life. I'm not saying nothing bad will ever happen to you - bad things happen to good… Continue reading Find Your Peace, and Everything Will Fall Into Place

The power of “NO”.

So many times we tell our kids "yes" too often, and are faced with a rebellion when we finally say "no". These families that spend every day after school, taking their kids to several different lessons, or games, or practice, makes me wonder whose idea it was to sign them up for all of these… Continue reading The power of “NO”.

Fifty Shades of Family

Family comes in different shades and various degrees of loyalty. You have black - those are the ones that you know don't like you, and won't ever be there if you need help, but they'll be there to watch you fall flat on your face! In most cases these are the family members that don't… Continue reading Fifty Shades of Family

The doctor is in, that’ll be 5 cents, please!

Some days I feel like Lucy, from the Peanuts comic strip, listening to Charlie Brown going on, and on about his troubles. I don't know why, but for some reason complete strangers have opened up to me, about some of their deepest secrets. I feel honored, for the most part, that they trust me with… Continue reading The doctor is in, that’ll be 5 cents, please!

Hello, my name is Deborah, and I will NOT be your waitress..

I feel like I should put out a tip my own house! I figured it up - I have spent a minimum of 12,775 hours, in my adult life, picking up after people, and those said people have maybe spent 2 hours tops, picking up after me! Don't get me wrong - I don't… Continue reading Hello, my name is Deborah, and I will NOT be your waitress..

Nothing is Truly Lost, Unless Your Mother Can’t Find It!

I am the Hero of the misplaced keys, the missing Lego piece, and the long lost favorite shirt. There isn't much of anything, once I get my bloodhound nose to the ground, that I haven't been able to find for my family.... except the remedy for a broken heart. If I could wrap my kids… Continue reading Nothing is Truly Lost, Unless Your Mother Can’t Find It!

If All Else Fails Read the Instructions!

How many times have you been cooking some sort of box dinner, and had to keep pulling the box out of the trash to read the instructions again, and again? Maybe it's just me, but I don't think so! That's where men differ from women...they just "wing it", but us girls have to pour over… Continue reading If All Else Fails Read the Instructions!

No Comparison

Do you know what will snuff out your happiness faster than anything? Comparisons. Comparing your life, your family, your car, your home, your clothes, or your body, to your neighbor's. I have been just as guilty as anyone, but I usually didn't have the money to compete, so I would be that much more miserable,… Continue reading No Comparison

So you want to write a blog?

What were you thinking? You know nothing about writing, creating a website, or half of what these acronyms mean! Thank goodness for the internet! You can Google Anything these days! It's really scary putting yourself out there in the world wide Web, for anyone to scrutinize. My first post, wasn't my best writing, but I… Continue reading So you want to write a blog?