Back On Track

Woman Hitch Hiking on The Street Side Near The Broke Down CarI have my thumb out, and I’m hitching a ride back to where I need to be!

I’ve been out of sync for a while now, due to some family issues that I needed to focus on, and to tell you the truth…I just wasn’t feeling it.

I know it’s usually therapeutic to write about the challenges of my life, but this has involved my son’s medical condition, and to honor his privacy, I haven’t been writing about what he’s going through. I know that if I had been writing during this time, I might have given away too much information.

So getting back to why I’m writing again…

I am determined to get healthy again! I’ve wasted too much time with this excess weight lingering on my backside, and lots of other places, so at the beginning of the year I made a promise to myself, that this will be my year!

I cut out sugar, and sodas – even diet, got the Hydrate water bottle, and made it my new best friend. I downloaded the Lose It! app, and log everything that goes in my mouth. I’m tracking my steps on my Fitbit, and set reminders to MOVE! I cut out rice, and bread, and added more fruit and vegetables. These changes have helped me lose 12lbs since January.

I feel better than I have in a long time!

My knees don’t hurt as much, and I can bend over to put my shoes on, without having to get into a yoga pose to make it happen! My energy level gets better with every pound lost!

Now that I’ve adjusted to resisting all of these bad temptations, I’m ready to take it to the next level – the Whole30 plan.

For the next 30 days, I will not have any dairy, sugar, syrup, honey, sweeteners, grains of any kind, soy, or legumes. Just meat, eggs, vegetables, and fruit. If I can’t pronounce it, I’m not eating it! I’m getting back to basics, and resetting my metabolism! And for the duration of 30 days, I will not weigh, or take measurements.

This Girl Is On Fire!

I can do this!

I’ll keep you posted on my healthy lifestyle change, so check back later for updates.


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