Never Stop Being A Child!

I know how life can get in the way of your dreams. You’ve got to pay the bills, be responsible, and all that bologna!

But never stop being a child! There’s always time for making wishes, while blowing an eyelash off the tip of your finger!

The bills will be there, the boss will still have expectations, the kids will need to go to doctor appointments, and stopping for just a moment to be silly, will not interfere with any of that!

Take the time to play in a pile of leaves on a crisp fall day! If you’re lucky enough to have snow, make a snow angel, or have a snowball fight with the kids!

Skip, instead of walking to the car in the morning – what’s it going to hurt…unless you fall, then you didn’t get the idea from me!

Watch a Charlie Brown Christmas, string popcorn for the tree, and put way too many marshmallows in your hot chocolate!

Get excited again about the holidays – it shouldn’t be the time of year for the highest suicide rate! Why are we literally killing ourselves, because of the unrealistic expectations we put on ourselves?

I grew up very poor, and as a young child, I don’t remember any Christmas mornings of running to the tree to see what Santa brought me, because most of my gifts, if any, came a week or even two, before Christmas, from a local church charity, and they were never wrapped.

I remember at the age of five, going to the door with my mom, and a lady handed me a doll, and said “Merry Christmas!”. No pretty wrapping paper, no bows, just a meaningless doll.

As a parent, I made a vow to make Christmas special for my kids, no matter the cost! I stressed about how many gifts they would have to unwrap, and always had the special Santa gift waiting under the tree.

This self induced emotional breakdown, went on for a few years, every holiday season, until one year, I was unemployed, and divorced. I had very little money to work with for gifts, so I made everything for my daughters. Do you know to this day, they remember that Christmas, and everything I made for them?

So, what I’m trying to say is, you don’t need to get all worked up about the holidays. Just think like a kid. Remember how you would buy this amazing gift, and all they wanted to do was play in the box! Keep in mind what the season is about – Joy!

Really be there with your family, in the moment. Don’t worry about the dishes stacked up in the sink, or the pile of laundry. Don’t think about how the house looks, it can wait. But the look on your child’s face on Christmas morning, with the excitement of wonder, will be but a fleeting moment, that you can’t get back, once it’s gone.

Never stop being a child. Look at the world through the eyes of a youngster! What do you see? Responsibility, stress, expectations? No. You see opportunity. A chance to laugh, play games, and look for the perfect hiding spot!

Let loose, and be a child – at least for a little while this holiday season!


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