Overwhelmingly Positive

I used to be suspicious of overly nice people, they made me uncomfortable.

I thought if someone was too nice, they must be wanting something from me, something I wasn’t ready to give, maybe they were trying to con me! So, I kept everyone at arms length, never letting anyone get too close. Only my children had my unconditional love, and trust.

I guess I once was a bit of a cynic! But you would never get me to admit it! Not me! I’m a nice person! Cynics are party poopers! I’m not a party pooper! Yes… I was!

I had a lot of issues, until I got on antidepressants. Once my mind was clear of the self-doubt, I could see my true self – the person I was meant to be! I became that annoyingly happy person, that I once was wary of!

I just had to let that notion simmer for a moment, and really let it sink in.

I became overwhelmingly positive!

Now when I meet someone for the first time, I’m the one smiling openly, ready to give encouragement, and praise…always looking for the positive in people! I wonder if I have made anyone uncomfortable, or suspicious?

Oh well! I’m going to keep it coming!

This world we live in, has enough negativity. We don’t know what’s around each corner, there are some evil people lurking, waiting to cause havoc, and harm to others. You can’t go to church, school, work, a restaurant, a festival, a concert, or just drive down the road, without the possibility of someone making the wrong choice to change your life forever, so Live!

Give your friendship, and love freely, don’t hold back! Don’t worry what the cynics think, be your crazy, happy, silly self!

I know I will!

Now get out there, and spread the love!

via Daily Prompt: Simmer


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