My Wandering Mind!

Cloaked inside this nondescript, ordinary woman, is the heart of a lion! In my mind, I roar! Oh the adventures that take place within this cranial cage!

If you could read my mind, on any given day, you stand the chance of being entertained, shocked, puzzled, amused, and on a good day…possibly impressed!

If I were able to live out the fantasies that pass through my mind, I would be standing on the highest point in Ireland, looking out over the Atlantic ocean, or the Irish Sea, or in Northern Ireland crossing the Carrick-e-Rede Rope Bridge, without a second thought! I would fly to Australia, and skydive, landing at the Corral Reef, cross the desert in Egypt on a camel, or take a hot air balloon ride in Italy.

Other flights of fancy, would have me independently wealthy, and not worrying about how the bills will get paid, or what my retirement has in store. I would be able to help my kids with anything, and let my husband quit his job!

Another moment of daydreams, have me slim, and fit, able to hike the Appalachian Trail without my knees giving out, or at Disney World with my grandkids trying to keep up with me, for a change!

You might see me doing the home remodeling I’ve always wanted to do, and restoring my house to its original glory of one hundred years ago, or winning the “Yard of the Month” – they would praise my award winning roses, and begonias!

I might be a race car driver, breaking speed records in the Daytona 500, or zipping around town in my classic Shelby Mustang…completely restored of course!

I often wonder if anyone else thinks the way I do, or if I’m actually crazy, and if I spoke of these stories that flit across my mind, would they put me in a straight jacket?

I certainly hope not, because I have so much fun inside my vivid imagination!

If I were given the opportunity to do any of these things, I hope I have the guts to take the leap into the unknown, because you only get one life, so go out there and Live It!

Thanks for stopping by!

If you would like to help me fund any of these adventures, without it costing you a penny, the next time you need to order something from My Amazon  just click on my link, and you’ll be helping us both!

via Daily Prompt: Cloaked


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