How to Tame the Demons

Ever wondered how to keep your demons under control?

The first thing to do, is admit to yourself that you have a problem, and you’re not in it alone.

Whether it be depression, anxiety, drugs, or alcohol, the steps to tame the demons can be very similar.

Admitting that you have issues, to say the least, in and of itself, can be therapeutic. It’s like you’ve been dragging around a dead weight, and you can finally put it down, or at least have someone to help you carry it!

Opening your eyes, and seeing the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, is such a relief! You’re finally being rescued from the deserted island you’ve been living on, for way too long!

I can’t speak for addiction personally, although I have been touched by it in my lifetime, several times, with different family members, but I know a bit about depression.

Looking back on years of struggling to understand myself, and why I felt the way I did, and my behavior at different points in my life, I now know that I was suffering from depression in my early twenties, and have fought it ever since.

It wasn’t until my mid thirties that I got treatment for the first time, just a prescription, and no counseling. Once I started feeling “normal” again, I got off the pills, and went back and forth a few times. During times of great stress, like losing my brother, I would go off the deep end again.

It took me until my forties to come to the realization that I will be on antidepressants for the rest of my life.

Most people can probably use them to get past an episode, and may not ever need them again, but I am not one of the lucky few!

Studies have shown that a teenager treated for depression will be less likely to need it as an adult. It has something to do with getting the chemical imbalances adjusted before everything is set with maturity.

Finding purpose and balance in your life, is the key to getting better. Do you really want your life to continue on the same path, year after year?

At one point during one of my low times, my youngest son said something that made me reflect on what I was doing to my family – we had some sort of school activity coming up, and I told him that I would be coming, and he said to me, not in a malicious way “I wasn’t sure, because you’re always sick.”

That is what he saw, and it didn’t matter that I hadn’t ever missed any of my kids school functions, for him, it was a concern, and through his eyes, that’s how he saw it.

As a mother that always tried to put my kids first, this hit me right in the gut!

But, do you know what else it did?

It opened my eyes, and I could see why he thought that – I had been sick a lot!

Things began to turn around for me at that point…that was my aha moment!

They say you need to hit rock bottom, before you will ever see that you need help – well buddy, I had hit it! My kids are my heart, and I would never do anything intentionally to hurt them, but not taking care of myself first, was in fact hurting them!

I got help, in the form of counseling, and the trial and error of trying to find the right meds. It didn’t happen overnight – it took a little while, but the counseling helped more than I ever expected.

So for whatever demons you are battling, there is an Archangel out there somewhere, that wants to help, you just need to listen to your heart!

Thanks for stopping by!


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