Pale Spirit in the Hallway

Do you believe in ghosts?

Throughout my life, the story of ghosts hasn’t been just a campfire story.

My parents believed in the supernatural, due to personal experiences.

It wasn’t the Amityville Horror or Poltergeist, but just the encounters with spirits that we’re stuck between this world, and whatever afterlife they were destined to go to.

One story from my parents was that of a child crying at the dinner table each night, but when my mother would set an extra plate, the waling would stop. There wasn’t any objects flying through the air, or covers pulled off you while sleeping, just the mournful sound of a hungry child.

I was too young to remember it, but my older siblings did, and said that it really freaked them out the first few times they heard it, but after awhile they became accustomed to it, and would just automatically set out a plate of food each evening.

We later moved, several times in fact, and never had anymore encounters, and settled into life as usual.

Until I moved to the 100 year old house that I live in now.

My children are all grown now, but they all have various stories of encounters with a lady wearing a white flannel gown, walking up and down our long hallway.

Even my husband had moments that he thought it was me, during the late night tv watching, after I’ve retired to bed, just to find me sound asleep, and wearing my usual t-shirt and shorts.

This went on for a couple of years, and then we saw less, and less of her, until finally she stopped appearing altogether.

I know you’re probably thinking I’m just making this up, for the benefit of a subject for my post, but I can assure you, that if you were to call any of my children, they would tell you the same.

Recently we had a visit from one of the family members of the original owners, and she, without being aware, confirmed the identity of the lady in the hallway.

Her grandparents built this house, and before they could move in, her grandfather passed away, so it was just her grandmother who lived here.

She described her as a very strong willed, and resourceful woman. Her grandmother started a sewing business out of her home, and “let out” the extra bedrooms to boarders, in order to make a living, in the absence of her husband.

Her grandmother loved this house, especially since her husband built it for her, and never got the chance to live here.

She passed away in this house, and wasn’t able to let it go, just yet.

So, she wanted to be sure that her home was being taken care of, and walked the halls keeping watch over it, until she could be sure that we loved it as much as she.

Believe it…or not.


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