Superficial beauty hides the hate.

She’s considered beautiful by all who gaze upon her.

Her face is symmetrical, her nose straight and pert, her eyes clear and perfectly spaced, her skin smooth and without blemish.

The women envy her, the men want to be near her.

Do they know what is in her heart, and mind?

She must be sweet, with a gracious disposition, an Angel surely!

But when she speaks, such atrocious text comes from her heart shaped lips, that you must be mistaken – this did not come from her! And again she spews the profanity, and language of hate!

Why do my ears decieve me?

You look again in shock, and dismay, and see her clearly for what she is…ugly.

Her eyes have turned to piercing slits of blackness, her mouth is drawn and tight, her skin red with anger!

She believes she is entitled to behave in such a manner – she is beautiful, all of her life she has been told this, and given whatever she desires because of her appearance, so it must be acceptable.

She stomps her foot, and a hush comes over the room.

All heads turn and each one sees her for what she truly is.





Out of touch with her fellow man.

She is at the Starbucks counter, demanding her Pumpkin Spice Latte!

The barista replies “Ma’am it’s July.”

Just a little writing exercise to work on honing my skills.

I hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks for stopping by!


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