Where do you see your future self?

I’ve been reading lots of tips online about how to write a blog, how to market it, and get more followers.

So one of the best things to do, starting out, is to read other blogs. What do you do when you’re trying to find popular blogs, since you only want to learn from the best – you Google it!

In my search I came upon a list of 10 Most Inspirational blogs, and one caught my attention.

The Copyblogger. One article in particular spurred my interest – it was asking “where do you see your future self?” One year, two years, five years down the road, and so forth.

This intrigued me, because I haven’t ever put my dreams into a timeline, it’s always been like “one of these days, I would like to be…” Fill in the blank with just about any answer, and I have probably thought about it!

I think some days I have adult onset A.D.D.! It’s really getting difficult for me to focus, and follow through, but starting this blog has brought me some clarity.

I feel more relaxed, but at the same time intent! I have started a few things in the past in search of myself, and nothing has fit, as well as this blog has, and it’s gotten me super motivated in other areas of my life, as a side effect!

I am loving it!

You might be thinking that my blog must be wildly successful already, with lots of followers, and likes on my posts, for me to be this happy, but that’s far from the truth! I think I have a whole seven followers, and since starting this a month ago, and 22 posts later, I have a wopping 40 likes! Some days I get several visits to my page, but others, might bring me only one, or two!

I’m honing my skills, and getting better everyday! I have a purpose, and a plan! I even started writing a short story!

This outlet has redirected me, from not knowing what I want to do, to anxiously waiting for a moment to do some writing. Throughout my day, I look for inspiration, and I wish everyone would do this! Even if you never write it down, just looking for it makes you aware of your surroundings, paying attention to every detail, and listening closer to the stories people tell.

Where do I see myself in a year? Well, I would have returned from my trip to Ireland, where I plan to write about our experiences, post pictures, and travel tips. I am also starting a side business, sewing and embroidery from my home, so I would hope that has taken off!

Two years from now, I would like to be established in my blog, and able to back off from some hours at my job, but I need to keep it for the benefits, for now.

Five years from now, I see myself making a fairly decent side hustle income, so that we’ll be able to put more into our retirement savings, and travel, lots and lots of traveling!

One of the tips I read about blogging is the three ‘P’s of writing, but I think this can also apply to your life. Here’s the three things to keep in mind, whether writing, or life:

Point: what’s the point?

Purpose: what is your purpose?

Path: what path do you want to take?

So when you’re starting to wander, and need to find your way back, think about the three ‘P’s!

See you down the road of life!

Oh yeah, and a few more likes would be very encouraging!

Just sayin’!

This is some of my three ‘P’s!


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