When the chips are down, I’m betting on the good in people!

There are some evil people in the world.

The recent events in Las Vegas are proof that there are some evil people out there, but that was just one deranged individual. Compare that number to all the good people who sprang to action without giving a second thought to helping strangers in need, jeopardizing their own safety.

My money is still on the good in our fellow man.

There were countless stories of selfless acts of bravery, even at their own expense, good people lost their lives, or were seriously injured, coming to the aid of others in need. A young mother shielding a couple from bullets, was shot in the shoulder. A husband dove on top of his wife, as the bullets flew, and she could feel him getting shot in the back as he lay over her. A young Marine saved a woman that he had just met a short time before.

The stories keep coming!

The stories of goodness go on and on, and I haven’t heard any accounts of people pushing someone out of the way, just so that they could save themselves.

What that tells me, is that when it comes down to it, most of us will choose to help, not thinking about the consequences of our actions.

I believe that evil acts are premeditated, but goodness is spontaneous. That is what truly makes a hero! Everyday people, committing amazing acts of bravery in the face of such evil!

We may never know why this man (I won’t include his name, because he has gotten enough notariety from the press) chose to take 10 suitcases of weapons to a skyrise hotel room, in order to cause such desimation that will likely take years to recover from, if ever.

No matter the reason behind it, there isn’t ever a good excuse, only a choice to go over to the darkness.

Another form of evil, was in the heartless remarks made by the Vice President of CBS, who was rightfully fired. What intelligent person could possibly believe that every person that enjoys country music must be a Republican? And even if that were the case, what would make her think that everyone there deserved this senseless attack? Did the innocent people killed and injured in the Miami shooting somehow deserve it, because of a certain demographic? No!

I am just so grateful that the good hearted people, far out number the evil, because if not, the world we live in, is truly lost!

These are just my thoughts on the subject.

Pray for Las Vegas, pray for the victims and their families, and especially pray for the good people we are blessed to be surrounded by.



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