Why you should always make your bed.


Good or bad, habits are a part of your make-up, they make you – well…you!

Studies have shown that it takes 30 days to create a new habit, or break an old one, but I’m not so sure that’s completely accurate, or at least not in my case, or else after doing the P90 workout for ninety days straight, then I should have exercise as one of my habits! But thats another post topic!

Anyway…what I’m trying to get at, is this – we need habits and routines to a certain extent.

One of the ways to get organized, and keep a tidier home, is by creating some good habits, and sticking with it.

Start with making your bed every morning, just a simple task, but it’s the groundwork for good habits. Making the bed gets the day started off right – you got that first task done, now you can take on the next one!

Creating new habits has been a military training tactic, since the beginning of time. They break you down, so that you don’t have any of your old habits, and are in sync with their mindset, so that your reactions are nearly automatic – making your bed so that you can bounce a quarter on it, isn’t so much about being OCD, but about discipline.

Years ago, I used to have the bad habit of doing laundry, and piling it in a basket, with the intention of folding and putting it away later, then I would be frustrated that the clothes were wrinkled, and then I would have to deal with that! So I made a bargain with myself, that I couldn’t take a load out of the dryer unless I could hang or fold the clothes at that time. That way I didn’t have clean clothes stacked up in baskets, and everyone rummaging for their socks in the morning.


It takes practice and discipline if you want your home to be neat and presentable at all times.

My thing is the living room – that’s the first room people see when they come in, so I try to always have it presentable. The rest of the house might be a mess, but at least one room looks good! I am far from obsessed with cleaning, but I don’t want to be embarrassed if a stranger walks into my home, either!

Try using the “one touch” method.

One touch means, when you use something put it back wear it belongs, rather than setting it down in one place, just to have to touch it again eventually to put it wear it belongs. You walk in the door after work, and instead of throwing your jacket on the back of the couch, you hang it on the hook, or hall tree. You have a drink, or snack, and when you’re done, you would put the glass or plate in the sink, or better yet wash it, instead of leaving it on the table, or counter. You get the idea! And if you can get your family to do this also, you are my hero!

It’s all about baby steps…small changes a little at a time, to create good habits, so the next time company is on their way, you don’t have to freak out, and do a mad dash to get your home ready!

I use a lot of baskets around my house to keep the clutter corralled, and they work great for the last minute clean up when company is on their way!

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Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got company coming, and my house is a Trainwreck! Just kidding…maybe!


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