Is it a circle, or a never ending highway?


It’s a trip! Are you doing donuts in a parking lot, or have the pedal to the metal on that never ending highway?

Me, I tend to do a little of both…you know…you get bored with the same old highway scenery, so you go to the nearest Gibson’s (if you don’t know, ask your parents) parking lot, and burn some circles in the pavement!

Its okay if you don’t have your life all planned out, that’s the beauty of it! You can be a doctor one day, and if you get tired of it, go teach kids how to surf the next day!

If you don’t have your life so dependent on material things, that you need to always be worried about making enough money to support your habit, then you can have the freedom to live whatever way you want.

My habit is now travel, so that’s my motivation to work, so that I can pay for our next trip!

Find your motivation, but it’s totally alright to take the backroads, or just do some donuts!

Let’s burn some rubber, baby!

<a href="http://Circle“>Circle


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