I may not be as interesting as I think I am, or maybe I am…

Everyone has a story to tell of intrigue, mystery, drama, and heartache, you just need to get them to open up, and begin to tell it.

I have a pretty good talent for getting the stories out of people, and let me tell you, I have heard some REALLY interesting stories – the stuff of novels!

Tales from a former CIA agent, an undercover cop, a woman walking around with a broken neck, and a man who has literally lived in every state in the US, just to name a few.

But you know the ones I like best?

The stories coming from everyday people, like you, and me!

Because they think they haven’t lived a life of great adventure, but they have!

People who have overcome so many tragedies, loss, heartache, devastation, and disabilities. Now these are your novelists, they just don’t know it.

When you’ve grown up being invisible, you don’t feel like you matter, or that you have anything interesting to talk about, but you do!

You weren’t the captain of the football team, or the homecoming queen, you were just another teenager trying to make it to graduation, and dreaming of anything better than what you survived growing up.

You lived through it. Maybe you witnessed poverty, abuse, neglect, addiction, or hunger. Or your family struggling to keep their heads above water.

You’re the product of a dysfunctional family…who isn’t these days!

If you know what it’s like to have nothing, you learn to appreciate everything you have – the love of your family, your health, and home, but most of all the Grace of God.


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