A witty way to approach the day! I’m a poet, and didn’t know it!

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Starting your day on the right foot, can sometimes be a challenge!

You didn’t sleep last night, you suspect that your husband may have sleep induced Turrets Syndrome, from the number of strange outbursts coming from him! Your back hurts, and you hit the snooze button, one too many times, so now you’re running late!

It will take everything you’ve got, to approach this day with a positive attitude! But you can do it!

Hop in the car, put your sunglasses on, and crank up the Highway on the satellite radio!

It’s Show Time!

You get to work, coffee in hand, breakfast bar in the other, you are ready!

Get in the store, put the till in the drawer, open the doors, and put the displays out…it’s got to be welcoming, ya know?!

Check the emails – cross your fingers that there isn’t one from the boss – okay, the coast is clear!

You greet your first customer with a “Are you having a good day? – No? Well, what can I do to make it better?” And so it begins!

Fake it, until you make it! If you leave your problems at the door, and walk into work ready to face the day with a smile, it will usually work…at least until you get home.

I’m not saying your problems will magically go away, but at least for a short amount of time, you can forget about them. You can’t do anything about it while you’re at work anyhow, so why not enjoy the peace, and quiet your mind for a little while?

Don’t worry… it’ll be waiting for you when you get home – or maybe it won’t….


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