Wait…let me lose some weight before you take my picture!

Life will pass you by, if you wait until you lose the weight, or get that Botox you’ve been saving for, before you take those family portraits!

Have the family portraits done, buy the swimsuit, go to the beach, and eat the cake!

Your kids don’t care how you look while you’re sitting on the beach, building sand castles! They don’t care about the cellulite on your thighs, or that extra chin, they just want to be with you!

Make the memories, while you can!

I had a nice conversation with a one of my customers this afternoon. I’m not sure how we got on the subject of losing loved ones to cancer, but isn’t that how we get into some of the best conversations?

She said she had gotten the call a few days ago, that one of her dear friends from college did not have long to live, so she went to Washington DC, to see her, and had a really nice visit.

We talked about regrets, and that she was grateful that at least she didn’t have the regret of not going to Washington to see her friend for the last time.

Her friend has two small children, three and two years old, and no chance of surviving until even Halloween. Can you imagine what that family is going through? The moments they will never have? Do you think those kids will care of their Mom thought she looked fat in her pictures? Nope!

Life is too precious to waste on trivial things like how we look on the beach. You’re never going to be perfect, and that’s alright. Don’t let vanity get in the way of making memories.

I regret letting my vanity prevent me from taking pictures while I was carrying my children. What was I thinking? That is the miracle of creation – something that some others will never experience! I’m so glad that women these days embrace their role as expectant mothers, and document everything, bare baby bump, and all!

I went to visit my oldest daughter in Mississippi, a few years ago. My youngest daughter, and her two boys came with me, so I thought it was the perfect time to have portraits made of the four grandchildren together. I just wanted the kids together for a few poses, and then to get a few individual shots, but my youngest grandson was not having it! The photographer suggested that I sit with him to calm him down, so I did, and had no intention of being in any of the shots! Well, things did not go as I had intended, and I ended up in the majority of the group poses! And do you know that those are my favorite pictures with my grandkids, to this day!

I grew up poor, so we don’t have many pictures of us as kids, and no family portraits with my parents.

What I wouldn’t give to have some pictures with my brothers, sisters, parents and grandparents!

Stop waiting for everything to be perfect, because it’s never going to happen!

Live your life, and to heck with the rest!


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