Congratulations! You’re Human!

Ruins of a 700 year old Church in southern Ireland
The most peaceful place on earth! We came across this by accident while driving the Ring of Beara, along the Wild Atlantic Way, western Ireland.

On the seventh day, He rested.

It’s Sunday, a day for worship, rest, and family. Then why do I feel so guilty for not accomplishing anything?

Why do we, so often give in to the pressure of the society we surround ourselves with?

The Monday morning conversations about what great adventure we had over the weekend, or the home improvement projects we finished. Are they always true?

If I were truthful, most weekends we just hangout, sitting on our butts doing absolutely nothing! Guess what? That’s what God intended!


My husband has worked six days a week, ten hours a day, every week for the past eight months or longer, so you can bet he’s resting on Sunday! Don’t expect the storage building to get organized, or the tree limb over my car (causing quite the site on my hood), to be cut!

And that’s alright!

I work every Saturday as part of my regular schedule, so our only day together is Sunday. Do you really think we should be spending precious time on mundane things like yard work?

I can see it now – “Here lies Deborah, she had the most organized storage building.”

I would much rather my time go to family, so why do I still feel guilty for not doing enough?

Peer pressure.

Who cares what your coworkers think when you tell them you did Absolutely Nothing? You might be surprised, and see a glimmer of envy in their eyes, before the social protocol demands that they be judgemental instead!



Don’t give in to the mob mentality! Be your own person! If you want to sit on your bum, binge watching Netflix, then by golly, you should!

After all, you’re only human!

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