The power of “NO”.

So many times we tell our kids “yes” too often, and are faced with a rebellion when we finally say “no”.

These families that spend every day after school, taking their kids to several different lessons, or games, or practice, makes me wonder whose idea it was to sign them up for all of these activities.

Sure, there are kids out there that want to play every sport, or take music or dance lessons, or all of the above, but I would bet, in more cases than not, it’s the parents that feel they need to do this to give their children an advantage.

What advantage is it, when meals are eaten in the car, homework is done after bedtime, or on the road, no one is getting enough rest, and the family budget has taken such a hit, that you can’t afford a family vacation?

I’m all for extracurricular activities, but there has to be balance, and sometimes we have to put on our big girl panties, and tell our kids “that’s enough!” “I’m the adult, you’re the child, and I am making this decision for the benefit of everyone involved.” They’ll forgive you, I promise!

At the risk of sounding like my parents – kids these days have got it so much easier than I had it growing up! We didn’t get allowances, we were expected to do our part to contribute to the household. I had to find side jobs for what I wanted past the basic necessities of food, clothes, and lodging, so I got busy at a very early age, mowing grass, cleaning houses, and babysitting.

If you tell a kid these days that they have to pay for their own things, they try charging you for taking out the trash, or doing yard work.

We aren’t doing them any favors by always giving them everything they ask for. You can’t learn the true value of the dollar, or the pride of a good days work, if you never need to earn anything to get what you want.

When my kids had to start buying their own things, they thought twice, before handing over their hard-earned dollars!

Repeat after me – “No!”


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