Hello, my name is Deborah, and I will NOT be your waitress..

I feel like I should put out a tip jar…in my own house!

I figured it up – I have spent a minimum of 12,775 hours, in my adult life, picking up after people, and those said people have maybe spent 2 hours tops, picking up after me!

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t keep a spotless home, I don’t have OCD, as my son would say, and I was being really conservative in my calculations.

12,775 hours is a lot of time! What could I have done instead, with all of that time? I could have read more books, took an online course, volunteered at a homeless shelter, traveled around the world, any number of things!

Just to be fair, some of that time was spent picking up after small children, who couldn’t do it themselves yet, but a large part of it has been done for adults (mostly the men in my family).

I know what you’re thinking, “Why doesn’t she just leave it for them to do?” Believe me, I’ve tried that tactic, and they literally will be happy to live in filth!

Have you seen the commercial with the “magic” table? The wife is grumbling about the mess on the coffee table, and the husband says “Don’t worry about it, just leave it there, we have a magic table. Whenever I leave a mess on it, the next morning it’s all cleaned up.”

Yeah….that’s us, little cleaning fairies at work!

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So what do you do?

Do you waste precious time, and added stress, and complain, or do you just suck it up, and accept the reality that some things will never change?

I choose to accept that this aspect of my life will probably never change! We are just wired differently, and I will not ever get them to change, so why stress over it? However, I am learning to relinquish some of the duties that I was doing myself, and instead ask the guys to do it for me, so it all balances out….kind of. I still feel like I’m doing more around the house than them, but hey, it’s a start!

Good luck with your messy monsters!

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