Nothing is Truly Lost, Unless Your Mother Can’t Find It!


I am the Hero of the misplaced keys, the missing Lego piece, and the long lost favorite shirt. There isn’t much of anything, once I get my bloodhound nose to the ground, that I haven’t been able to find for my family…. except the remedy for a broken heart.

If I could wrap my kids in bubble wrap, to prevent them from feeling the gut-wrenching pain of heartache, I would clean out the UPS store!

The heartache from a love gone wrong, or a bad decision, putting in place a domino effect that will haunt them for years to come – I would take it all away, using my Wonder Woman wristbands to punt the offensive objects of mass destruction away from them.

Some of those objects I threw at them – unintentionally, but thrown all the same. There isn’t a do-over button for parents, but there is an apology button.

Lord knows I have had to eat some humble pie in my many years of raising my four children, but I’m not afraid of saying “I’m sorry”, I’m more afraid of not getting the opportunity before it’s too late, so be quick with your apologies, even when your stubbornness tells you to wait – rip it off, like a band-aid, better to get it over with, than to regret it the rest of your life. Looking back on my childhood, I’m due quite a few apologies, that I will never get.

If, scratch that, When we make a mistake as a parent we must be willing to give a heartfelt apology, or else we raise a child that will not be responsible for their mistakes, better known as The Snowflakes.

And when your child makes a mistake, we, as parents, need to call them out on it, but not in a way that condemns them, but instead let’s them know, “yeah, you messed up, but it’s not the end of the world”.

Be the Hero for your kids, but not the fixer. Rally to their aid, but let them make mistakes, just like you’ve survived yours, they will also.

You can find their lost pocket knife, but you can’t find their life lessons, only they can.

Let them face the pain of life, but always be there to wipe the tears away.

Be a Hero.


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