If All Else Fails Read the Instructions!

How many times have you been cooking some sort of box dinner, and had to keep pulling the box out of the trash to read the instructions again, and again? Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think so!

That’s where men differ from women…they just “wing it”, but us girls have to pour over the instructions for anything, whether it be assembling furniture, or cooking a boxed meal.

Why do we have to do everything precisely as the instructions say? Now if your putting together an Ikea cabinet, it’s probably best, but so what if we change up the recipe a little? Some of my family’s favorite meals are some that I made substitutions in, because I was out of one or more ingredients, just don’t substitute vanilla coffee creamer for milk in your Mac and cheese – that was not a new favorite!

On our trip to Ireland last summer, we did a self drive tour, and got lost a few times, but that’s where we found the best little pottery shops, cafes, and ruins of a 700 year old church!

There are times when we need to throw the instructions out the window, and just get lost in whatever we are doing. Some mistakes can lead you to the most precious moments in your life!

So, if all else fails… Don’t read the instructions!


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