Getting There is Half the Fun

Why do they say “Getting there is half the fun”? Not on every trip!

I’m finally at a good place in my life – I’m happier than I have ever been, and more content, but it was not easy getting here!

I’ve struggled with depression, self doubt, insecurities, and the residual effects of a pretty rotten childhood, but with the help of the Good Lord, my loving husband, my amazing kids, and antidepressants, I’m much better equipped to handle what is thrown at me.

My journey has not been an easy one for me, and especially the people who love me. After several times of getting on antidepressants, getting better, just to have it come back, I decided that I will probably be on them for the rest of my life, and there is no shame in that – the only shame, is that I didn’t come to that realization sooner.

I worry that I’ve done irreparable damage to my kids, having watched my rollercoaster ride of emotions all of their early years, and even though I always told them they are beautiful, talented, smart, and worthy, there are so many things that kids learn just from watching us.

I’ll just have to show them that even though I went through a rough few years, I can turn my life around, and find Peace within myself, and even though they are adults now, we should never stop growing, and learning from our past.

Yes, getting there can be half the fun, when you’re traveling with people who love you!

Happy travels!


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