So you want to write a blog?

Placeholder ImageWhat were you thinking? You know nothing about writing, creating a website, or half of what these acronyms mean! Thank goodness for the internet! You can Google Anything these days!

It’s really scary putting yourself out there in the world wide Web, for anyone to scrutinize. My first post, wasn’t my best writing, but I took that leap, and pressed the publish button (really fast, so I wouldn’t chicken out), and held my breathe, as if someone or something, was going to jump out of the proverbial bushes, and laugh, pointing their finger at me saying “so you think YOU can write a blog…plleeaase!” You know what? It didn’t happen! I’m still here with my self-esteem, and that was three days ago!

I checked my page stats this morning, and was thrilled to see that my blog was viewed by TWO people, and it wasn’t family! I’m really doing this! And so can you!

Put yourself out there, and you won’t be alone.


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