Just breathe!

I am feeling overwhelmed with everything that it takes to get my site up and running. I’m not tech savvy At All, and I so wanted to do this on my own, without asking my son, Sean, better known as “Tech Support” around here, for any help. I really want this to be mine, and something that I can be truly proud of.

I haven’t even told my husband that I’m doing this Blog thing yet, because I want it to be established before I jinx it….I’ve tried a few other things in my life, searching for something that I can enjoy, and be good at, and maybe make a little side hustle, but so far everything I’ve tried hasn’t been the right thing for me. My dream is to be able to do this while we travel, and not worry about getting back to my real job. I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up!

My head is spinning with ideas, I can’t sleep because of them, and I’m not writing it down when it comes to me, so I’m depending on my failing memory in the morning…that has not worked out for me, thus far!

Anyway, I’ll figure it out the hard way, on my own, or break down and give my son a call, so I’ll get back to you when I do!


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